Form 1099

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Form 1099

One of the several IRS tax forms and also known as an “information returns” form. A 1099 specifically records how much money you have received from any entity / person other than your employer.

Just like any other IRS tax form, the 1099 too has it’s own set of guidelines. For instance, if you file more than two hundred and fifty Form 1099’s you’re required to file them electronically (in format) to the IRS. However, if less than 250 paper copies are filed, you’re also required to file a copy of your Form 1096.

When required at scale, filing these forms prove challenging and highly time consuming for tax payers and tax departments. Now you can easily create pre-populated, perfectly-formatted, print-ready reports, at scale and all at the click of a button from within your Tableau dashboard using Pixel Perfect.

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