COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses

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COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses

From generating daily foot falls, revenue, and even repaying debts, the emergence of the COVID-19 has seriously affected many aspects of small businesses.The COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses Dashboard created using Tableau, considers and study’s various metrics that affect a business such as, confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries, etc, and clearly showcases the correlation of the COVID-19’s impacts to the amount of loans requested within a certain time-frame.

When required at scale to be shared with concerned stakeholders – users require this information (within their Tableau Dashboards) to be generated into reports in specific formats, adhering to customized rules (as per requirement). Final reports generated should further retain all the filters, tables, graphs, hyperlinks, maps, and underlying data.

Now you can easily create pre-populated, perfectly formatted, print-ready reports, at scale and all at the click of a button from within your Tableau Dashboard using Pixel Perfect.

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