USEReady understands the value of staying connected on the go. While most of modern workforces chooses to not lose time making strategic decisions we offer instant, real-time access to critical business intelligence so that they are able to stay productive on the go on a device they prefer the most.

Access dashboards on mobile 

Create customized views of your dashboards for mobile and access rich and actionable insights from your smartphones or tablets

Responsive & mobile-friendly dashboards

With responsive interfaces, you can look into insights and reports that are optimized for interaction on mobile devices.

Receive alerts and notifications

Stay on top of advancement or changes in your data and fluctuating parameters by setting up data alerts to receive notifications that impact crucial decisions

Integrated with existing BI ecosystem

We ensure mobility while keeping the integrity of the BI ecosystem intact. Accessing data and analytics on mobile devices is important, but mobile activity must stay seamlessly integrated and within the secure perimeter of your BI ecosystem so you never lose control of your data.