Actionable insights should be available to end users right there when they need them. To propel an enterprise wide analytics culture, we embed analytics into transactional applications so that users don’t have to switch between applications to make crucial decisions inspired by rich insights.

Integrate Tableau dashboards & reports

Embed advanced and actionable Tableau dashboards within native apps to empower users to gain immediate value from their data.

Custom development and integration

We customise the visual appeal and navigation keeping in mind your brand or applications’ interface to offer seamless adoption that encourages users to adopt to analytics in a hassle-free manner with no adjustment curves.

User authentication and authorization 

We manage access privileges by building single-sign-on and integrating analytics with active directory so that the right people can gain access to the right analytical content as and when needed.

Popular applications

So that users have access to decision boosting analytics at their fingertips we make sure that dashboards can be embedded into the most popular technologies used by businesses. Our expertise spans over but is not limited to Salesforce, Marketo, AWS, ServiceNow etc.