Tableau provides essential framework for visualization and data analytics, but there are occasions when you need traditional reporting. Pixel Perfect is USEReady’s reporting and distribution solution for Tableau. With Pixel Perfect you can generate perfectly formatted reports that can be customized based on your requirements. Pixel Perfect comes as a Tableau extension, which means you don’t even have to leave the Tableau platform.

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Understanding Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect Reporting is used to generate customized reports that may have specific characteristics that may be essential for certain situations. These characteristics may include:

  • Page breaks and page numbers
  • Repeatable headers
  • The option and structure to add images throughout the document
  • Inclusion of formatting for print-ready documents, such as in PDF, PowerPoint or other formats
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Determining When to Use Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect for Tableau enables your business to quickly customize reports that are ready to share and distribute. Through this extension, reports can be created on demand that are perfectly suited for your needs. These are some of the instances when Pixel Perfect Reporting is essential:

  • For compliance and audit purposes
  • To document or track data with a snapshot view
  • To support your legacy BI tools

Exploring Customization for Pixel Perfect

Customization capabilities for Pixel Perfect enable users to generate reports based on their unique needs. The factors that drive customization and results are:

  • The amount and type of data being analyzed
  • The document type or format being generated
  • The system specs for the user’s device

Utilizing Pixel Perfect in Your Business

The USEReady team is available to tell you more about Pixel Perfect and about the customization options that may be well-suited for your business’s needs. We move toward meeting your business’s unique needs by:

  • Educating you about Pixel Perfect and it’s business benefits
  • Customizing Pixel Perfect Tableau extension to meet your specific needs
  • Educating your team on the efficient use of Pixel Perfect 


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