It’s a constant challenge for Banks and Insurers to tackle fraud and financial crime, develop competitive pricing, manage risk and compliance, and make strategic business decisions. This is all in a difficult climate recovering from the financial crisis, political upheaval and rapid digital transformation.

By leveraging ever-increasing data volumes and channelizing them to facilitate real-time visibility, we help our clients take fact-based, faster, and smarter decisions through our specialized analytics solutions that help them gain a competitive advantage in the market.


      Risk and Compliance Reporting

      By teaming with you, we can help create innovative and customized answers to seek better risk management and oversight needed in your operation. 

      • Cash flow, mismatches and projections
      • Exposure to market factors
      • Issuer and counterparty risk
      • Name and sectoral concentration risk
      • Regulatory reporting – Basel/ CCAR/ Dodd Frank 


      Fraud and Financial Crime Analytics

      We have worked with several banking institutions to help modernize its rule-based fraud detection system and strike a balance between oversight and customer service. “Fewer false positives” using smart data mining.

      • Claims fraud
      • Underwriting fraud
      • Anti-money laundering
      • Payments fraud


      Asset and Portfolio Performance Analysis

      We help you minimize the complexity and simplify the oversight required to properly manage assets and optimize performance for the firm and its clients.

      • Portfolio performance
      • Risk and exposure analysis
      • Capital optimization
      • Collateral management


      Lending Analytics

      We help lenders assess their competitive position, identify market opportunity, and positively impact share, margin, risk, and operational execution.

      • Portfolio monitoring
      • Loan delinquency and default 
      • Data-driven pricing models
      • Customer credit profile 


      Insurance Analytics

      We have worked with insurers to find opportunities that deliver profitable growth drawing on our experiences and helping unlock new areas of value and resource savings.

      • Claims analysis and estimation
      • Risk and fraud analytics
      • Pricing and bundling
      • Agent productivity



      Big banks and companies don’t have analytics problems; they have business problems that analytics can address and solve. Our view is that the human element is just as critical as technology and data to realizing true value from analytics.

      This involves individual and organizational considerations that become the bridge from data to insights to action. The true value lies in embedding analytics deeply into business processes at the point of where decisions are made – by human beings.

      We work with you to create a data- and analytics- driven strategy, bring your data vision to life and set you up for success.

      USEReady Advantage

      We are one of the leading providers of analytics services to the banking and insurance industry. Our customer-centric approach, deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence, combined with innovative analytics solutions, enable us to help our clients differentiate in the market.

      • Serving more than 30 clients ranging from large banks, asset management firms and insurers
      • A rich talent pool possessing deep domain expertise, managing core industry-specific processes, and thorough knowledge of multiple BI/ Analytics tools
      • Tableau Services Partner of the year, and their preferred Banking and Insurance Analytics Partner
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