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Transforming Big Data into a valuable asset is a complex undertaking. It can easily sprawl into use of dozens of architectures, technologies, and environments. The value gets maximized when such technologies are proficiently stitched together in a ‘fit to purpose’ architecture that not only enables your immediate needs, but is also easily extensible for future use cases across all V’s of Big Data (i.e. Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity).

USEReady excels in accelerating and optimizing your journey to big data analytics platforms and provides the broadest and deepest set of consultative services. Along with our large partner community, we help you build and succeed in virtually any big data application in cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environments. We plan and address all aspects, in a prioritized manner for big data analytics, migrations and modernization.

USEReady provides Advisory and Technical services for below key constituents & enablers of an efficient big data analytics ecosystem.

Strategy through priority

We ensure you align your data-centric capabilities (such as data governance, master data management, data pipeline, data warehouse, modernization, big data processing, data science, BI, AI, ML, etc.) with other technologies, people and process initiatives, such that they complement and build on another – maximizing benefit.

We first identify, prioritize, and then proceed to incrementally and independently advance features across each constituent – empowering your business with a modernized and composable architecture that’s built to deliver key business insights and benefits.

Iterative execution roadmap

USEReady applies a ‘light agile’ approach, this establishes an initial architectural runaway that helps accelerate transition into ‘full agile’.

Duration, cadence and execution methodology is finalized during engagement scoping discussions. Paying careful attention to client-centric needs, USEReady can also execute via client preferred and mutually acceptable execution cadence and approach.

Data Architecture that supports a Modernized Data Strategy

Your organization’s data strategy is only as good as your data architecture and its ability to complement your strategy. Today, organizations can capitalize on a cohesive ecosystem where your data architecture fully supports your specifically adjusted data strategy – to create a rich, reliable, and flexible environment.

Our data architectures addresses, organizational change, people, processes and technologies. We further define mechanisms that enable the key elements of data strategy, (such as how data is acquired, stored, processed, distributed and consumed) to support progressive business outcomes.

USEReady’s Big Data Implementation Framework

USEReady’s deep industry experience has ensured that we’re fully capable of building emergent and incremental data architectures for various organizations, regardless of your size.
Wing to Wing - Modernized & Composable architecture  allows incremental and independent prioritization and feature releases across each constituent.

Capitalize on the power to stay proactive without compromising security – armed with the ability to set guidelines around who sees exactly what information; you know exactly what is happening with your data at all given points in time. It’s the perfect recipe where you spend less time managing your data and focus on managing your business.

USEReady’s services are specifically intended to assist you when it comes to formulation, implementation and optimization of data management strategy that views IT, all external requirements and business objectives collectively.

Our experts who understand the landscape in relation to your business help you align your current state and help scale, specifically designed to your maturity level. With flexible options, you’re able to classify, archive and manage physical and electronic data securely, reliably and cost-effectively.

For today’s data driven enterprises, it is becoming essential to enable a smooth, automated extraction, movement and integration of data from sources to potentially multiple destinations, and many stations in between. These stations may perform compliance rules, conformance, transformation, sampling, merging, redirecting, storing and loading steps required for further analysis. In addition, data pipelines must support robust data governance, security, lineage transparency, catalog, and integrated monitoring.

These data pipelines often need to support variety of data types, such as bulk, streaming, events, IoT (Internet of things), or even petabyte scale movements.

We offer expertise on several cloud native, marketplace and hybrid approaches to optimally stitch below key capabilities for a future ready data pipeline:

  • Data Movement
  • Data Integration
  • Data Transformation and Conformance
  • Meta-data/ Master-data management
  • End to End monitoring and performance enhancements
  • Data Governance

Many organizations are shifting to data lake architectures to store massive amounts of data in a central, but highly elastic, available, redundant and flexible store. Traditional approaches of storing/ moving data directly into warehouses or to HDFS offer limited agility for same data to be categorized, processed, analyzed and consumed by diverse teams within an organization.

There is growing need to preserve original form of data to support analytics use cases that are unknown today. Data lakes provide low cost and secure options to perform new and varied types of analytics such as ad hoc analytics, real-time streaming, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

At USEReady, we design and build modernized data lakes, that can support one or more of the following key features. Our Data Lake designs are fit to purpose, yet extensible to future use cases.

  • True source data for future use cases and references
  • Several curation and published zones for many use cases
  • Easy cataloging
  • Flexible, endless, and low-cost storage for structured & unstructured data
  • Secure – Crypto, KMS, Access and data segregation controls
  • Robust data lifecycle controls for backup, and archiving.

Unlike traditional practices, One size does not fit all in modern and cloud based Big data analytics architectures. USEReady recommends that each analytical service is purpose-built for related analytics use case.

For e.g., If same data set needs to be used for batch analytics as well as real time analytics, it requires decoupled architectures to serve respective need. Such approach provides optimized cost and performance.

The overall ecosystem fabric must bring constituents such as data lake, data pipelines, etc. together with one or more big data analytics systems listed below.

This data fabric should not only enable data analytics, but also seamless interaction, integrated health & performance view, service management, and security.

If you are considering modernization or migration of Big data processing & analytics platforms, USEReady can help select, evaluate, architect, engineer, automate & operationalize a range of platforms such as –

  • Data Warehouses
  • Big Data Processing systems such as Hadoop, Spark, Real Time analytics for Streaming, Event or IoT Kafka

Our Design seamlessly extend and integrate to interactive and advanced analytics capabilities such as Business Analytics, Data Science, Machine learning and AI.

Choosing the right data warehouse has a lot to do with how you’ll use it. USEReady helps companies of every size make the right selection and design, engineer and operationalize their cloud warehouses to work for their respective use cases.

Our wide partner ecosystem enables us to be experts on a wide array of warehouse technology ecosystems such as, but not limited to, Snowflake, Google Big Query, AWS redshift, Azure SQL Warehouse, Exasol, and many more.

We also ensure all supporting capabilities are enabled for data warehouses such as data movement, transformation, loading, security, storage, performance, HA and other integrations.

Determine at a faster pace what is and isn’t working within your organization with the help of real-time, streaming & advanced analytics. Draw insights by combining streaming data with other data sources, delivering real time data across disruptive environments in cloud or on-premise to adopt a modern data architecture. Enrich and analyze your master data with unstructured, ad-hoc, timeseries, click-stream, IoT data, etc.

If your use cases are diverse or they may need augmented or different analytics capabilities than data warehouses, you can count on us for architectural and technical expertise in below areas.

  • Real-time, Streaming Analytics, IoT across various cloud provider native technologies at Google GCP, AWS & Azure
  • Kinesis
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • IoT

The rise of cloud computing has disrupted traditional and capital-intensive big data approaches by making it affordable, fast and agile. USEReady specializes in leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and GCP, Snowflake and others. We leverage our partner ecosystem and experience to optimize cost to value and speed to value for your big data modernizations, migrations and initiatives on cloud.

If your initiatives involve migrations and transformations into cloud that go beyond data analytics, and into areas such as applications, databases, data centers, infrastructure, dev-ops, then please explore USEReady’s cloud transformation services.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy

Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline

Data Lakes

Data Lakes

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Other Big Data Processing systems

Other Big Data Processing systems

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Technology Partnerships

Technology Partnerships

Make the most of our AWS Select tier consulting partnership and expertise when it comes to big data and cloud solutions. USEReady along with AWS helps deliver a complete cloud solution that’s fully scalable and built to deliver strategic advantage.

Our industry experts offer you innovation and the technical know-how you need for better understanding and improved cost savings – proving to be the right partner you need by your side.

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USEReady has a very skilled and talented team that can solve problems in an expeditious manner. Their extremely customer-focused and engaged approach helps to identify areas that need to be resolved in record time. This approach, combined with their exceptionally professional and assertive ethic, helps in meeting all given objectives and deliverables.

Account Manager, Global Asset Management Firm

USEReady has been a valued partner of The Ad Council since 2016. Through our work with them, we’ve successfully added Snowflake to our ecosystem, utilized Alteryx as a workflow tool to execute proprietary media mix model solution and launched Tableau as our go-to data visualization platform. We look forward to the capabilities in data and insights which USEReady can help us continue to achieve moving forward.

Anne Deo, Senior Vice President, The Ad Council

USEReady has provided a number of different professional consultancy services for us – providing both long term integrated personnel, and short, but deeply-detailed (and technical) project-based expertise. USEReady are considered outstanding and, ‘give them a call first’ partner. 

- Project Manager, Specialized Business News Media Company

USEReady has proven on multiple occasions the ability to bring the right team members to solve the problem at hand. Their ability to perfectly match your given resource to the problem at hand makes it easy to plan for projects.

- Solution Consultant, Leading IT Solutions Provider 

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Meet The Expert

Akhil Manchanda

Akhil Manchanda

Practice Head, Big Data & Cloud

Akhil has over 20 years of experience in leading global cloud, big data analytics, enterprise IT and security strategy, architecture and governance, initiatives, programs and processes across diverse emerging technologies. He is extremely adept at executive level consulting engagements, business development, service delivery and extensive technical architecture expertise.

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