A Gamification Approach to Self-learning

A fun way to deliver structured educational frameworks at scale. Enable users to learn the critical skills they need to be great at their jobs.

Learn. Explore. Achieve

Building a high performing analytics workforce is desired by all, however, organizations are frequently challenged by an inconsistent skill level among its users, limited resources to support them, and lack of peer-to-peer collaboration.

The Perfect Learning Platform for Today's and Tomorrow's Data Practitioner

USEReady’s Skill Belt is designed for organizations to deliver a structured educational framework at scale, enabling users to learn the critical skills necessary and perfect industry-leading technique(s) to be successful at their jobs.

Up your Employees’ Skill Level and Technical Knowledge in a Fun and Exciting Way

Our Skill Belt takes a gamification approach to self-learning, allowing users to gain the right skills in a fun and engaging manner with little to no administrative burden.

It is a comprehensive training and learning solution, with over 1500hrs of rich content, that can be customized by role with plug-n-play modules. Based on the requirement and user – organizations can immediately begin capturing valuable data regarding their end-user’s abilities and only then proceed to build a self-service community. The Skill Belt is built to connect users with peers at the same skill level (position) and with champions.

Skill Belt Gamification Platform
Skill Belt Gamification Learning Platform Skill Belt Gamification Learning Platform

Reinvent Learning

Skill Belt Gamification Learning Platform

Improving Skills

Make Learning Interesting through Awards


Employee Skill Improvement


Gamification Approach


Skill Belt - Gamification Techniques for Employee Learning


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