Migrator IQ – A Comprehensive Data Migration Solution

Automate and streamline migration process with accelerators, followed with a proven framework to successfully deliver scalable Legacy to Modern BI Migrations
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Here's why you need MigratorIQ

Many legacy BI migration projects overrun on time, or exceed their forecasted budget, because of faulty migration approaches, manual labour-intensive processes, legacy complexity, and associated risks. USEReady’s MigratorIQ addresses these challenges and automates migration process from legacy to modern BI platform with the help of accelerators and “Plan-Migrate-Validate” framework. MigratorIQ supports migration from legacy BI tools like QlikView, SAP BO, and Hyperion to Modern Data Stack and reduces the migration cost significantly.

How it Works?

Accelerating Enterprise’ BI Modernization Journey

Key Features

Automated Effort Estimation
Cloud Native
Templated Reports
Complexity Determination
Automated Metadata Generation
Serverless Architecture

Value Proposition

Framework Based Plan-Migrate-Validate

Automation Migration Accelerators

Fast Migration 35-54% Migration TAT Improvement

Precise Estimation & Planning

27-48 % Reduction in Migration Cost

Scalable for Large Migrations

Predictable Outcomes Low Manual Intervention

Technical Expertise Source – Target Mapping

Success Stories

Migrated from a sunsetting BI platform to Tableau-based analytical portal for custom reporting

  • Accelerated migration of 1000+ FI-specific custom reports using MigratorIQ automation
  • Automation of source inventory collation, complexity scoring, and reconciliation of BRIO reports with dependency trace
  • Migration enablement through metadata mapping for report creators; Smart recognition for report attributes
  • Facilitated seamless customer onboarding and enablement
  • 70% expedited migration time by using accelerators

Migrated from 5 legacy BI platforms to Tableau for better operational control and foresight

  • BI Modernization by migrating 5 BI platforms to a consolidated Tableau Cloud
  • Migrated 700+ reports from Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing operations
  • MigratorIQ accelerated Discovery & Planning – Reports/Objects Inventory, Complexity Scoring, De-duping, and Migration Preparation
  • Post planning USEReady developed unique migration paths for each source BI platform
  • MigratorIQ ensured 30% faster migration with 25% smaller target report count

Retired ageing Hyperion BI platform to gain enhanced operational insight and agility

  • MigratorIQ accelerator helped prioritize and plan the migration and de-risk
  • Migrated 800 business-critical reports such as Revenue Accounting & Pipeline, Sales, and Marketing
  • Automated creation of source reports/objects inventory, complexities identification, and de-duplication/consolidation of reports using clustering
  • Established effective Change Management with the Airline and the BI vendor
  • Completed project successfully in 40% less time and effort.

Case Studies

Sunsetting Hyperion BI platform for business-critical reporting and mitigate chances of failures
Accelerated migration of 1000+ FI-specific custom reports using MigratorIQ automation
Sunsetting Hyperion platform and modernize with Tableau Cloud

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