This book is written as a hands-on learning manual. Its aim is to cover most of the aspects and functionalities of Tableau Prep Builder. It is very understandable to users who have minimal experience with ETL tools and demonstrates the features through fundamental concepts.

Illustrations are provided throughout the book for each step, so the user can easily follow along as the chapters progress. At the same time, the book also provides great reading material. All the chapters are treated as use cases with data sets prepared and modified for training purposes.

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By the time you finish working the examples and real world use cases in this easy- to-follow training aid, you will know how to connect to a variety of files or servers, combine data from multiple data sources, easily bring tables into a “flow pane” and perform operations such as validate, filter, pivot, union, and join to clean and prepare, or shape, your data.
— Jeremy Walsh, Tableau
For those wanting to learn Tableau Prep Builder, this practitioner’s guide—written by certified BI consultants—will build the foundation needed, whether you’re an individual in business, a journalist who reports data findings, or a student at an educational institution.
— Jeff Black, Tableau
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