Tableau conference 2017 (TC17) is just around the corner. It will be the biggest gathering of data geeks from all around the world enriched by inspiring keynotes, extensive hands-on training, tons of networking opportunities, and much more. 

Come as you are, ride back on a Ducati Monster

In addition to the 5 days of learning from Tableau experts, partners, and customers, you can come meet the gang from USEReady at our booth. Apart from being huge Tableau fans, we are Tableau’s gold partner for 5 consecutive years, service partner of the Year 2015 and nominees of Services & Training and Alliance partner awards 2016. 

Every year we crank up the fun at the Expo hall by organizing a super cool raffle. This year we are giving away a ‘Ducati Monster’. All you have to do to win is find our booth and give us a high five (also don’t forget to enroll for the raffle).

You can participate by dropping by at USEReady Booth at TC17 and enrolling for the raffle.


not going to tc17

Mike Tyson told us not be unfair to you! 

We are all about making our association rewarding for our customers and anyone who shares that thought.

So even if you're not going to TC, signup for our online raffle and win an autographed boxing glove from the undisputed world heavyweight champion – Mike Tyson.

(Friends don’t let friends miss out on the fun! Spread the word…)



In our memories of TC, crowds thronged USEReady’s booth and walked away with amazing gifts and prizes. In 2014 a pretty lady won an AC/DC guitar which totally complimented the musical side of her. In 2015 we gave away a kick-ass, super-cool Harley Davidson motorbike won by a handsome data geek. In 2016  we gave away a Tesla Model S and, the winner we hear hasn't stopped dancing since. We showcased our comprehensive enterprise-ready BI solutions that enable companies to establish a culture of measurement - where decisions are fact-based, timely and actionable. Here's a roundup from last year's Tableau Conference at Austin Texas: Read our blog.


USEReady has constantly been working with and for Tableau to spread the awesomeness of the revolution that Tableau brought into the world of data. Alongside Tableau, USEReady is also partners with leading data technology companies like Alteryx, Snowflake, AWS, Collibra, Microsoft etc to deliver world-class Self Service BI and Data solutions.

The Happy Data Geeks from USEReady are crazy about the enormous opportunity scope of Tableau and anyone who shares that thought is welcome to hangout with us at TC17.