Alteryx Inspire 2016: USEReady a Gold Sponsor

Industry-leading, analytics-focussed event - Alteryx Inspire is back in San Diego, CA this June. It is one of the most-anticipated events for data enthusiasts. And we’ll be there, at this exciting venue, to inspire business leaders, decision makers and analysts to become analytics-empowered.

About Inspire 2016

Inspire 2016 is one of the industry’s premier self-service analytics conference. Themed, this year's conference focuses on self-service data analytics and celebrating the creativity of data analysts. The event has a strong representation of some of the top analytics leaders in the industry. 

USEReady a Proud Sponsor

Being one of their biggest fans and their long-term partner, USEReady understands Alteryx like no one else. We have planned a bunch of fantastic experiences for you at the 2016 Alteryx Inspire. We help customers become data-driven through our analytics, data management and security solutions. Drop by at our Booth # G8 and let us take you on an amazing data adventure. 

Here is a sneak-peek of some of the fantastic experiences we’ve planned for you at the 2016 Alteryx Inspire.

1. Free Raffle: A Practitioner’s Guide to Alteryx

Here is a chance to own a free copy of ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to Alteryx’. We will be raffling the the latest edition of the book at our booth. 

Available for purchase on USEReady website and Amazon, this comprehensive guide offers simple and effective way to learn over 60 of the tools that Alteryx provides as well as describing new functionality and use-cases you never knew existed.

According to Laura Sellers, Vice President, Product Management, Alteryx, "The book has created a great launching point for beginners who want a manual, in addition to the real world use cases, so you can easily learn how best to use Alteryx Designer. By the time you finish working through this manual, someone who has never opened the Alteryx Designer before, will be able to create workflows, design reports, develop applications, and write macros to solve any of their data needs."

2. Free Assessment: Is your Alteryx workflow production ready?

Ensure optimum work flow and make it performance-ready. We conduct unbiased, unfiltered, comprehensive workflow assessment while providing you with ad-hoc solutions throughout the assessment cycle. Using our workflow assessment, you can analyze your workflow’s:

  1. Overall performance
  2. Error-handling and fixing capacity
  3. Automation capability: can be scheduled and run without continuous manual interventions?  

Visit us at our booth or sign-up on on our website and get your workflows reviewed for robustness and readiness.

3. Training: Tailor-made programs based on your Alteryx training needs

We are proud to provide the most comprehensive Alteryx training programs in the industry. Our top-notch cross-industry and subject matter experts and the most knowledgeable Alteryx users have designed and structured Alteryx training programs that will enable users to perform their own analytics and reduce the burden on IT.

Take our training to learn how to:

  1. Access, clean and blend data from multiple sources
  2. Join data sources of different types
  3. Create workflows, macros, and applications
  4. Prepare and deliver data sets for visualization

We offer virtual, as well as onsite, instructor led trainings. You can choose from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced formats, or a completely customized course to suit your organization’s needs.

Visit us at our booth or register on our website to sign-up for the Alteryx training.

Hope to see you there!