Does your business struggle to identify and recruit the most talented and qualified individuals for crucial positions? Your workforce is understandably the lifeforce in your organization, so improving your workforce can have far-reaching and beneficial effects across all levels of your business’s hierarchy. USEReady supports your efforts in this essential area by providing you with the technology needed to take your business’s recruiting efforts to the next level.

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How Analytics Solutions Promote Superior Recruitment Processes and Results?

Critical data is available to identify what prospective candidates are looking for in an employer as well as what their impression of your company is as a possible employer. When data from all available sources is integrated and analyzed fully, insights are generated that can improve all stages of the recruitment process. This includes:

  • Developing a strategy to improve how prospective candidates view your company
  • Creating a campaign to make your company more appealing from an employment perspective through internal improvements
  • Identifying quality applicants quickly
  • Managing the entire recruiting funnel to ensure proper staffing in all departments

How to Refine Your Employment Brand Through BI?

In the current labor market, many job seekers across all industries actively look for an employer that offers a great work environment, exceptional benefits, reasonable growth and development opportunities and more. While the definition of these factors may vary across industries, your business’s ability to create an employment brand that expresses these factors is essential to the recruitment process. Through improved data analytics and BI processes, your business can:

  • Improve the current employment experience with recruitment in mind
  • Develop an appealing value proposition that gives your business a competitive edge with recruitment
  • Create and distribute effective recruitment-based content based on a well-designed and data-driven campaign

How to Identify the Best Candidates Quickly Using Big Data Insights?

In most businesses, it is not enough to attract qualified talent. You also must walk through the hiring process efficiently or risk being understaffed for an unnecessarily long period of time, and you also must sort through many applicants to identify those few individuals who will thrive in a specific position. When superior insights are extracted from key metrics, your business can:

  • Gain a better understanding about the qualifications and experiences that are most important or relevant to a specific job function
  • Determine the best venues or platforms to base recruiting efforts
  • Use technology to test skillsets and capabilities across multiple candidates to identify the most qualified candidates
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How to Improve Recruitment Analytics?

Many businesses today are not maximizing the incredible benefits that recruitment analytics provides, and their entire recruitment process may be suffering as a result. USEReady can help your business to develop and implement a more successful recruiting process that:

  • Strategically uses big data analytics to make your business more appealing to jobseekers
  • Helps you to identify the most qualified applicants who bring true value to the organization
  • Enables you to make smart recruiting decisions quickly so that you can get a commitment for the qualified applicants that you have identified


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