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Add, update and save data or commentary;
straight from your Tableau dashboard with
USEReady’s Writeback for Tableau.

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Here’s Why You Need Writeback

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Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau and other analytics tools are based on read-only technology. They make sure that, in the process of exploring and analyzing data, there are no changes made to the data.

However, you want to have the ability to create, edit and store data and instantly see how those changes are reflected on Tableau dashboard.

Here’s where the Writeback extension for Tableau comes in.

Key Features

Instant Data Connection

Writeback enables you to input data and share it immediately, unlocking more analytic use cases. Achieve instant data update using tableau live database connection.

Intuitive and Seamless

Writeback has an intuitive UI allowing to configure new use cases as easily as adding any element to your Tableau dashboard.

Data Security

With this extension, you can add new data to your database or backend repository from a dashboard, all this on your infrastructure without worrying about data security.

Audit Trail

The audit trail enables users to audit and monitor any changes made to the data. All changes made to any record through the extension are logged in a full audit trail.

How Can You Benefit?

  • Increase Tableau adoption
  • Boost productivity
  • Saves time and effort
  • Enhance your analyst efficiency

Example Writeback Use Cases

Forecasting - Writeback
Collaboration - Writeback
What If scenarios - writeback
What-If Scenarios
Data Corrections - Writeback
Data Corrections
Evaluation - Writebacks
Surveys - Writeback
Financial Adjustments - Writeback
Financial Adjustments

Customize Your Writeback Extension

Tableau Writeback customizable
  • Build custom Writeback extension as per your business requirements
  • Fit to your technical architecture
  • Choose the Writeback parameters for your dashboards
  • Measure your Return on Investment and achieve payback in a short period

We are an Award Winning Tableau Partner

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As a Tableau Partner, USEReady helps organizations to generate valuable insights through BI, Analytics Strategy and Data Consulting. We have won 4 Tableau Partner of the year awards, including Tableau’s Strategic Partner of the Year in 2020.


Writeback is a high-grade Tableau extension, allowing users to input data whenever wanted, all from their Tableau dashboards.

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