Spending too much time and resources to ensure the security of your IT infrastructure?

Now you can focus on your business knowing we’ve got your back

We help design, deploy, integrate and manage security infrastructure for your organization with proven track record of success with Internet, Intranet, Extranet and DMZ networks. Our offerings help you alleviate the worries of resource allocation, operational security, and concerns of constant monitoring of security systems.

Setting up network security, risk management, threat assessment and compliance at an organizational level is a tremendous task. If not done in a phased manner, it can lead to unidentified risks, redundancies, and higher costs, necessitating more resources, time, and effort to achieve a secure IT environment that meets regulatory compliance requirements.

Our specialty lies in thorough network and security assessment to ensure that the perimeter security of your network infrastructure is fortified and robust. With USEReady’s managed security services you can:

  • Architect design and maintain a robust security infrastructure
  • Identify, assess and remove network security threats
  • Ensure industry standard IT compliance and security
  • Efficient and well monitored Security Operations Center
  • Post-deployment accountability and control
  • Lifecycle Management and EOL support
  • Engage experienced and talented security professionals

When it comes to enterprise security USEReady promises Accountability, Responsibility, Effectiveness and Assurance


Security architecture – Planning, designing and building a scalable and compliant security architecture that integrates and maximizes existing tools, policies, and procedure.

EOL support – Technical support during upgrades, transitions, migrations to alternative products, assessing performance improvements and extended services.

Security Operations Center – Ensure continuous network monitoring and efficient resource utilization by setting up a security operations center consisting of certified IT experts, robust methodologies, and infrastructure.

Firewalls - Firewall management, monitoring and maintenance with industry leaders such as Juniper, Checkpoint etc. to block or overcome security threats and breaches.

Antimalware protection – Deployment of anti-malware protections that enable inspection and blocking of embedded and hidden malware across your network.

Intrusion detection & prevention – Constant vigilance of security systems with Juniper, Palo Alto etc. to find, report, analyze and address security breaches

SSL decryption deployment - Gain Visibility into encrypted traffic with SSL and inspect, analyzer and scrub it before it reaches its destination to protect critical assets.

DDOS protection – Combining powerful technology like Damballa with advanced network security controls to mitigate and protect app, network and protocol-based DDoS attacks.

Network forensics– Deployment of effective solutions to support evidence gathering, incident investigation and impact assessment for network defense with RSA Netwitness.

Device discovery and profiling - See, control and orchestrate unmanaged devices, rogue endpoints and servers with ForeScout and build an enterprise-wide response system covering attack surfaces invisible to many security products.