From establishing the user’s identity to personalizing and tailoring user experiences, USEReady puts précised attention to authentication measures. We are committed to integrating seamless sharing of your analytical content so that relevant teams can access needed data however they need it, whenever they need it.

Integrate analytic apps/ tools with AD 

The unified integration of Active Directory right into your tools helps you manage access and permissions to important analytical information. Whether you are using Active Directory or opt for local authentication, your administrators are always in control to ensure utmost security.

Security policies - who should access what

Organizations have decision makers at multiple levels and the effectiveness of a BI initiative can only be measured if users are able to leverage analytical content that supports the decision-making process. USEReady outlines and implements policies that fulfil the data needs of end users while keeping governance in line.

Secure data as well as analytic content

Organizations use traditional sharing methods such as email attachments, static reports etc. that not only jeopardize the security of information but also lead to quality degradation of data leading to bad insights. We enable secure sharing, accessibility and collaboration of data and subsequent analytical results for large user groups while keeping in mind that there are relevant authorizations and minimum touchpoints that might degrade the quality of data.

Implement SSO user authentication

Going one step beyond secure authentication and authorization, we build a single sign-on portal for seamless sharing and access of analytical content. This portal seamlessly integrates with enterprise security platforms and BI servers. SSO enables users to have instant access to content anytime, anywhere leading to endless sharing of analytical content for business users while being highly secure, making room for peace of mind for IT.