USEReady ensures that organizations are able to deploy and adapt to BI solutions with ease and agility so that, the process of using them for business gains can begin. Starting from collating & integrating data silos from cloud, on-premise, datalakes & proprietary data sources together, to deploying & integrating self-service BI tools, AD, apps, databases etc. for broader adoption, we are your one stop shop to do it all.

Rapid deployment using agile practices

While BI deployment is a lengthy process, USEReady’s expertise lies in making this process both agile and efficient. Our rich and diverse industry expertise and mastery with BI maestros like Tableau, enables us to provide our customers with proficient BI deployment solutions with a sense of ease and satisfaction.

Cloud/ Server setup and configuration

We scan the existing systems in place and work on a strategy to leverage your existing infrastructure to its utmost potential while incorporating new techniques as demanded. We efficiently modify legacy systems to fit in with advanced and agile BI platforms. Our expertise with AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and other industry leaders makes us an ideal deployment partner for any architecture.

Performance tests & QA

Our team of certified practitioners is adept at delivering a solution that fulfils all your analytical needs. To reinforce the performance of the deployed environment we assess, fine tune and establish that each cog in your data machine is running smoothly and at par with your expectations.

Leverage industry best practices

We have demonstrated success in establishing fully functional and profitable analytics CoEs across Finserv, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Media and various other industries. Having understood the unique nuances each business poses, we lead every BI project with learnings and best practices enriched by years of experience through that domain.