The efficiency of a BI Architecture is decisive to a BI initiative because the success of the overall project depends on it. We strive towards establishing an effective Business Intelligence Architecture preceded by an in-depth analysis of end user needs and requirements.

Analyze the context - #users, data volume, usage patterns, objectives, etc.

When it comes to your business-critical deployments we put in a great deal of well-deserved thought into the planning phase. Our 3P (People, Process and Platform) BI-readiness model provides you a big picture on how to deploy and scale an analytics program, where it needs to go, and where you should concentrate your attention to create more value for your data.

Plan the environment, process and automation

USEReady identifies the right technology that needs to be incorporated for specific needs by understanding the existing infrastructure in line with business requirements. In collaboration with Tableau, Alteryx, and other self-service tools, we deliver the exact same thing - an efficient solution that offers data integration, harmonization, advanced visualizations and seamless sharing of analytical content.

Establish a blueprint for review and approval

We build a comprehensive project roadmap keeping in mind your business and department specific needs to create a share a clear picture of project goals and how those goals are to be achieved. Inclusive of manpower, technical requirements, time and budgeting this roadmap is your foresight into how your BI initiative will shape up and subsequent outcomes.

Robust, scalable & future-proof design

USEReady takes your hardware, architecture, and usage and data volume into consideration to build and deploy a BI ecosystem that can dynamically integrate analytics across your organization. With growing volume of data, increasing number of employees and expansion of your business geographically, USEReady facilitates exclusive scalability that is compatible with the growth of your business.