A customized dashboard that enables your team to functionally access superior, accurate analytics in real-time and to extract critical insights is essential and advantageous. However, over the course of exploring the full capabilities of your dashboard, your team may develop numerous questions that require expert-level attention and guidance. USEReady wants you to benefit fully from your BI upgrade, and one of the steps that we take to work toward this goal is to provide your team with access to quality support and guidance as needed.

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Understanding Different On-Demand Support Solutions Available

Your team may require support and knowledgeable assistance many times going forward and for various purposes. While some questions may be rather common and could be answered quickly by other users, other issues may be unique to your business’s needs and require in-depth expertise. We provide numerous on-demand support solutions to meet your unique needs at the time, and some of these include:

  • Help desk support from trained professionals with in-depth knowledge across all platforms
  • Chat groups and forums featuring experienced user support
  • On-demand training courses and webinars
  • Online tutorials
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Maximizing the Benefits of Experts on Demand Services

Support is available to our valued clients in many different forms and without delay. Regardless of which of these support solutions you and your team use to address your current questions and concerns, you can expect to enjoy numerous benefits. Some of these incredible benefits include:

  • Fast, knowledgeable troubleshooting service and support
  • Professional advice on unique topics specific to your applications
  • On-demand assistance that accommodates your changing needs

Encouraging the Active Use of Experts on Demand Services

While our expert-level support services that are available on demand offer substantial benefits to you and your team, some of your workers may be reluctant to ask for help. For example, some members of your team may spend an exceptional amount of time tinkering around and trying to find a solution to their problems. You can encourage your team to take advantage of the many support resources available by:

  • Notifying them about the various types of support that they have access to
  • Participating in groups and forums yourself to lead by example
  • Highlighting increased productivity and improved results from those who have utilized support services available

Receiving the Support of Our Experts

You will receive our full attention throughout your BI modernization process, and we will continue to be available after the deployment. By providing you with expert support services, we work toward our goal to facilitate maximum benefits from data visualization, management and analysis. When you reach out to USEReady for assistance with your current needs, we will:

  • Take time to assess the situation and learn about your needs so that we can tailor our live support to you
  • Continue to refine our online courses, modules and webinars to meet changing needs
  • Provide advice and tips that are easy to digest and that deliver practical benefits


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