The creation of a customized analytical platform and self-service dashboard are only part of the intricate process required to extract the most beneficial and complete insights possible from the data that your business collects regularly. USEReady understands the critical need for comprehensive, strategic data preparation, and we take great pride in creating structure that enables consistent, thorough preparation for ongoing benefits.

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The Importance of Data Preparation

The data that your business collects may not be standardized, or it may be disorganized or inconsistent. As you might imagine, funneling these types of datasets into an analytical platform can be unproductive and even risky. Data preparation is an important step in the BI analytics process because it:

  • Impacts the depth and quality of data analysis available from a given set of data
  • Affects how quickly and easily the user can get desired insights or reports
  • Improves the completeness and quality of data that will be processed and analyzed
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Common Steps to Prepare Data

As is the case for other aspects of BI and analytics, data preparation may need to be fine-tuned to meet your business’s unique needs. However, these are some of the common steps that are included in data preparation:

  • Reviewing datasets to identify inconsistencies, anomalies and incompleteness that require attention
  • Creating a system that can be repeated as needed going forward based on the business’s needs
  • Determining which data sources are applicable to a specific query
  • Manipulating or transformation the data from the selected sources into a more functional form
  • Updating datasets with the new data that is more functional for the user’s current needs

The Need to Repeat the Data Preparation Process

Data preparation is vital to your ability to quickly and easily analyze it and to visualize beneficial insights. However, this is a detailed process that must be completed regularly and quickly going forward. This is because:

  • New data is gathered regularly from existing sources
  • New data sources may be available and must be integrated into the data preparation process
  • Some data becomes outdated or obsolete
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The Support You Need for Quality Data Preparation

With the increasing importance of comprehensive data insights across all levels of your organization, you cannot take chances with the integrity of these insights. USEReady will assist with the creation of a data preparation process that can consistently support all of your team’s queries. By doing so, we can:

  • Help you to maximize the benefits of BI
  • Work toward more complete insights that offer true value to your organization
  • Position your company to enjoy competitive advantages based on the quality of analytics and visualization


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