Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving data-scape, USEReady has developed a specific, unified and democratized approach to data preparation to ensure quality, accelerated decision-making and collaboration. From profiling to optimization, our data preparation methodology addresses the biggest challenge faced by analysts today – how to access the right data quickly.


Traditional data preparation is often a time consuming process, heavily prone to errors and challenging for analysts. The great deal of time involved in data refining leaves lesser time for analysis. Involvement of multiple departments and tools further delays the process because of increased dependency. While dependency nurtures delays, it is also frustrating for the business users, data scientists and the IT staff trying to interpret ad-hoc requests and outputs.

Enter self-service. With advanced data preparation tools like Alteryx, we promise and introduce agility across departments, that allow business users to combine, transform and cleanse relevant data prior to analysis.



Each industry, each department has its own data requirements and data KPIs. Hence, breaking away from the traditional, generic data preparation format we have developed a 'domain-specific' data preparation approach. This method is subject-matter-led, vertical/department relevant and use-case specific. By profiling data according to content, structure and semantics, we build highly dynamic, reusable and scalable data models. A key benefit of domain-specific data models is that they can be adjusted more rapidly to the iterative business requests that come in on a daily basis.

ANALYTICS READY DATA and customised apps

We deploy self-contained, customized apps that help users to perform specific functions. These apps are designed with a simple user-friendly interface that works with specific data sets for vertical/solution. This enables you to publish your data, macros and analytic workflows easily among a large group of users. We create data-sets based on business specific data enabling you to quickly and easily create high-performing dashboards. It also simplifies the time-consuming task of shaping, formatting and getting the data ready for analytics that answer specific subject matter or a definite set of business queries.