access BI experts at the touch of a dial

Most product makers are equipped with strong customer service centers of excellence, but ideally, most BI environments comprise of more than 2 modern tools. When the problem arises in a blended functionality ecosystem who do users turn to? The most obvious answer to this question is – the IT department. Aren’t IT teams already over-stressed and overworked IT to be loaded with additional support requirements and moreover IT professionals will always lack the required business purview.

Lost analysts, overwhelmed IT support and hasty decision makers lead to a chaotic mess and eventually, the image of your business takes a hit

USEReady’s live, on-demand expert helpdesk is a single point of contact for your Tableau and other BI troubles. It allows you to connect with experts who are armed with extensive knowledge not just on Tableau, but multiple BI technologies and analytical best practices, ensuring that you are not left with unhooked ends. The helpdesk offers:

  • One-on-one phone call consultation
  • Multi-technical expertise with proven business acumen
  • Customized solutions based on organization-specific needs
  • SLA based 16X5 level 2 and level 3 quality support
  • Enterprise class processes and reporting techniques
  • Live, on-demand service with well-defined ways of communication

USEReady’s expert helpdesk is manned by professionals who are business people with practical experience using data and visual analysis to solve real business problems for the following areas in record time.

  • Data integration, preparation, and warehousing
  • Advanced visual data discovery with Tableau
  • Dashboard development and optimization
  • BI deployment and adoption
  • Pro tips and analytical best practices

How can I book an appointment with USEReady Helpdesk?

USEReady expert helpdesk is flexible suiting your organization’s specific needs. Book a call with one of our experts by filling up this information form and we’ll connect you with a champion consultant.