At USEReady, we firmly believe that Marketing and Advertising Analytics must be looked above and beyond traditional KPI reporting. We deliver effective BI solutions to measure and analyze your marketing and advertising campaigns, so that you get analytical results that provide valuable assistance in catapulting your marketing efforts. Our domain experts bring together the technology and processes, and complement it with actionable visual analytics, to facilitate the evaluation of the success quotient of your marketing and advertisiong programs.

Law enforcement Analytics

We offer exclusive BI solutions for law enforcement agencies to verdict law offenders & accelerate justice processes. We have enhanced the processes of law enforcement in the past by equipping authorities with reinforced information structure and analytical intelligence in real time, using Tableau and Alteryx. USEReady addresses the most important concern for law enforcers, which is prompt availability of data and insights. Our solutions have helped authorities expedite justice delivery by letting them manage cases using effective reporting to retort to criminal activities.

Sales Performance Assessment

When it comes to analytics in sales, our aim is to provide our customers with the much needed real-time visibility into the sales performance of their products and services, and focus on areas needing attention for profitability. We understand that sales is the most critical string on the business chain, and establish BI-optimized data preparation processes using Alteryx, along with providing rich and interactive dashboards using Tableau. We also enable sharing of business-critical insights with teams no matter how large or small, in a secure and governed manner.

Lending Analytics

USEReady is inclined towards empowering financial funding businesses to interact with data in real time, and prevent possibilities of both breach and fraudulence, while monitoring investment performance statuses. Our tailored solutions for companies comprise of automated risk analysis and reporting systems along with business monitoring capabilities to assess performance, growth, and changes in the businesses invested in. Using Tableau and Alteryx, we ensure that the customer has a collated data source, updated information, robust reporting solution and full control over their investments.

Workforce Management Insights

With our exclusive BI strategies for workforce optimization, we help our customers in several ways. We enable them to expedite decision making with an agile BI reporting solution that provides quicker insights into workforce relocation, utilization and profitability. We establish advanced frameworks for automated data preparation using Alteryx and data packaging for innate, actionable and rich dashboarding in Tableau. These solutions help customers to enhance productivity by mapping key performance indicators and enable faster decisions.

Operational Analytics

Every business is unique in the nature of its departmental functions. USEReady strives to address business challenges across all areas of operations by incorporating advanced BI solutions. We help businesses make significant and sustainable enhancement in their operational performance by combining strategic business insights along with the technical excellence of revolutionary tools like Tableau and Alteryx. With the expertise of our highly competent BI team, innovative approaches and domain-specific tailored solutions - we offer you better visibility into your business processes, upgrade the proficiency of your operations, so that you can unleash the true potential of your business.

BI and Analytics Enablement

We understand the criticality of data and its direct impacts on different types of businesses and help companies bring their BI initiatives into line. Our incessant efforts go into increasing BI adoption to improve business performance by enabling the usage of BI tools along with encouraging users to leverage BI to its fullest. Our goal is to build efficient BI capabilities to extract insights from data assets to make essential management decisions.