As impressive as cutting-edge analytics can be, you cannot lose sight of the original goal. Through improvements to user adoption and enablement, you may have focused on creating a culture of data democracy so that all users can benefit from it collectively. AI is the facilitator for the achievement of this goal because it improves user adoption, experience and productivity. The Analytics Community Platform through USEReady supports a self-service environment and enables your business to harness the power of collective intelligence.

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The Need for Enhanced User Enablement

The purpose of big data analytics, such as through integration and visualization, is to simplify and improve how your team accesses and analyzes increasingly large amounts of complex data. The most effective platforms are easy to use, but some training and practice may be required to obtain maximum benefit. When you focus on enhanced user enablement, you can:

  • Drive your return on investment
  • Give your users the foundation they need to extract deeper insights
  • Enable your users to work more effectively and efficiently with the new platform
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The Essential Elements of a Data Analytics Platform

Your data analytics platform will be customized specifically to meet your business’s needs. However, there are a few essential elements of an effective data analytics platform. The platform that USEReady establishes will be centered around these concepts:

  • Analytics proficiency involving data security and strategy
  • Agile deployment related to best practices, engagement and education
  • User community enables open communication and sharing
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The Leading Characteristics of an Effective Community

While each analytics community has unique elements, there are a few primary characteristics that carry across all effective communities. To provide your team with solid and essential benefits, the developed community must include common features. These features allow for:

  • Education, such as for user-onboarding, skill-building and other needs
  • Shared tips and best practices
  • Continuous improvement through webinars, meetings, workshops and other platforms
  • Planned collaboration

Taking Advantage of an Analytics Community Portal

In order to maximize the benefits of data analytics and to empower your team to leverage the full potential of big data, an effective analytics community portal must be developed. USEReady assists with this process by:

  • Understanding your business’s unique needs
  • Customizing a portal based on those needs
  • Providing training and education on the use of the analytics community portal