It’s a constant challenge for banks to manage risk and compliance, tackle frauds and financial crimes, fend off intense competition and manage their bottom lines. At the same time, customers expect much more from their banks in today's digital age - they expect a seamless, high-quality experience all-the-time and every-time, across all channels, including online and mobile. 

Banks are already sitting on a gold mine of data that is generated in real-time and is unprecedented in its amount and detail. They have already deployed analytics to tackle such challenges and move their business forward. So what next?

find new ways to monetize data and drive digital transformation

It’s time to ensure that you have the right tools to extract insights and value from this data. The very definition of analytics is changing - Predictive, ML and AI are disruptive the way analytics projects were conceptualized, developed and delivered. This new age analytics will open the door to even more value. 

1. AcceleratE Traditional P&L Levers

We help banks wring improvements out of almost all their everyday activities, boosting the traditional P&L levers.

  • Risk/ Compliance Reporting
  • Fraud/ AML Analysis
  • Asset/ Portfolio Performance
  • Sales/ Channel Strategy

2. ExplorE New Areas of Growth

With newer & better insights, focus on customers, segments, channels and offers that will generate highest ROI.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Risk and Capital Modeling
  • New Products/ Markets
  • AI & Machine Learning

3. Build a digital bank

With a complete and accurate customer picture, deliver consistent experience that aligns products, channels, sales and service.

  • Journey Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Experience
  • Relationship Pricing
  • Personalized Services


We help you minimize the complexity and simplify the oversight required to properly manage assets and optimize performance for your organization and your clients.

  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Asset/ Fund/ Portfolio performance
  • Risk and exposure analysis
  • Financial Advisor productivity
Tableau IPO Anniversary NYSE


Learn how USEReady helped Trillion $ Wealth Management Firm with 40,000+ advisors and 650+ branches, improve Financial Advisor's productivity, Sales Pipeline and Customer Retention, by delivering embedded Tableau at scale and using AI for faster adoption


Wealth Management

Asset Management

Investment Portfolio

Fixed Income

Analyzing Asset and Portfolio Performance


In this webinar, we show how to analyze asset and portfolio performance, monitor credit ratings by agencies including issuer and  counterparty, and manage your firm’s exposure to asset classes and industry sectors.

Risk and Compliance Reporting

By teaming with you, we can help create innovative and customized answers to seek better risk management and oversight needed in your operation. 

  • Cash flow, mismatches and projections
  • Exposure to market factors
  • Issuer and counterparty risk
  • Name and sectoral concentration risk
  • Regulatory reporting – Basel/ CCAR/ Dodd Frank 
How Wealth Managers are analyzing Operations Risk


Global Investment Bank builds an Integrated Risk Monitor to track and report Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and other metrics across all teams in Wealth Management Operations. This enabled the bank to mitigate risk, reduce liability and improve compliance.


Basel Compliance

Credit Risk

Operations Risk

Market Risk

Fraud and Financial Crime Analytics

We have worked with several banking institutions to help modernize its rule-based fraud detection system and strike a balance between oversight and customer service. “Fewer false positives” using smart data mining.

  • Payments fraud
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Unauthorized/ Rogue Trading
  • Market Abuse


Preventing Fraud and Financial Crimes

Anti Money Laundering

Lending Analytics

We help lenders assess their competitive position, identify market opportunity, and positively impact share, margin, risk, and operational execution.

  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Loan delinquency and default 
  • Relationship pricing models
  • Customer lifetime value  

Bank Loan

Loan Delinquency

Loan Delinquency

Loan Default


Frost and Sullivan Analyst Report

Analyst Report

Frost and Sullivan - Innovating financial services in the big data era



Four traits of a data driven financial services organization


Are you ready to take your analytics capabilities to the next level?

It’s not too late, but the clock is ticking. Your competitors are most likely on the move with their analytics agendas. USEReady can help you identify the gap between what you have been doing and what your ultimate objectives may be.

USEReady is one of the leading providers of analytics services to the banking and financial services industry. We are aware of the challenges this industry faces in technology and consumer needs. USEReady will provide you with a leading practice-based blueprint and framework.

We are committed to helping banks succeed with data, differentiate in the market and deliver profitable growth today and in the future.


Insurance Analytics