Do you have the right connectors to all your data sources?

Our aim is to help you achieve a a single source of truth. Integrating data from heterogeneous data sources such as on premise, cloud, application, etc. is not a trivial task and here’s where we reinvent the traditional structure to create a centralized BI-ready data repository which is not only high performing but also evolves according to changes in business needs. 

While we are at integrating your data, we focus on:

  1. The objectives and deliverables to plan and prioritize steps
  2. Understand industry, department and data sources to categorize data
  3. Bringing siloed data sources (cloud and on premise) together creating a central repository
  4. Making data easily consumable by integrating it into advanced workflows
  5. Reducing dependency of business users on IT department
  6. Implementing and testing to ensure that the integrated data are up-to-date


USEReady builds robust connectors to connect and fetch data from any data-source cloud, on premise and even proprietary.  In our efforts to making data readily available for consumption, or in other words to make it user ready we came up with SPIDER.

SPIDER is a web based platform which leverages Tableau web data connector to connect to any data source. Data sources can be databases, CRM’s, custom applications, legacy systems and social media platforms. It can talk to any service with any type of authentication. SPIDER also takes care of security by providing various measures like Single Sign-on, role-based security, SSL, OAuth, LDAP etc. SPIDER can talk to any data source with any type of authentication while ensuring security