Are you a Tableau enthusiast, or new to Tableau? Either way, we help you get the most out of Tableau.

As Tableau partner and as their biggest fan, USEReady takes the propagation of user learning to the next level. We understand how important it is for analysts to get hands-on experience based on real-world use cases, while working with Tableau. Our goal is to guide you to create great Tableau dashboards that are business-ready.

We offer a series of Tableau workshops that address the needs and concerns of Tableau users. While we cover a wide range of vital topics involving dashboard designing in Tableau, what’s truly exclusive is that our curriculums are designed to enhance the value that you get from Tableau.

You can choose a training program from a variety of formats - virtual or classroom, beginners or advanced, or get a completely customized training format tailored to suit your needs and time commitments. What’s in it for you?

  • Step by step walk through the product to solidify your understanding of Tableau
  • Best practices, techniques and guidelines for better visualization
  • Hands-on sessions using real-world examples to create business dashboards
  • Access to USEReady hosted secure Tableau Server instance to build and test your visuals
  • Pre-canned sample workbooks and visualizations for future reference