Derive value from insights by aligning the actions of end users with your BI strategy

Organizations have decision makers at various levels and the effectiveness of a BI initiative can only be measured if the end users are able to leverage analytical content that supports the decision-making process to its full potential.

More often than not, organizations use traditional sharing methods such as email attachments, static reports etc. that not only jeopardize the security of information but also lead to quality degradation of analytical content.

Keeping up with industry standard secure authentication and authorization practices, USEReady ensures secure access & collaboration of rich and actionable dashboards with various user groups.

Single sign on


Integrate analytics dynamically into the organization

We build a single sign-on portal that seamlessly integrates with enterprise security platforms and BI servers. SSO enables users to have instant access to content anytime, anywhere leading to endless sharing of analytical content for business users while being highly secure, making room for peace of mind for IT.

Embedded Analytics

Amalgamate analytics into business applications

Actionable insights should be available to end users right there when they need them. To propel an enterprise wide analytics culture we embed analytics into transactional applications so that users don’t have to switch between applications to make crucial decisions inspired by rich insights.