While businesses are increasingly collecting and storing huge amounts of data, accessing and analyzing it may still be archaic in some environments. The traditional method involves requesting IT staff to run a report, but this has significant drawbacks and challenges. USEReady helps businesses like yours update technological infrastructure, and by doing so, we enable users to take control of analytics and enjoy significant benefits as a result.

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The Integral Need for User Enablement

Your IT staff understandably is capable of running a data analysis report upon request, but the outdated process of submitting an order and waiting for the report to be compiled is no longer the only or best method available. More than that, this method may place your business at a strategic disadvantage. Consider these drawbacks to your current data analysis process:

  • IT staff generally use standardized reports that may not provide complete insights
  • Limited or incomplete queries may be made based on IT staff’s lack of in-depth understanding of the reason for the query
  • The results of one query may lead to the request for several others, which creates delays and frustration for the user while also draining IT resources

The Benefits of a Self-Serve Environment

User enablement eliminates your IT staff from serving as middleman in the data analytics process. Instead, it puts the user in direct contact with the data so that it can be analyzed directly and on-demand. By doing so, you will:

  • Get faster results that provided necessary insights
  • Make critical decisions in real-time to remain as competitive as possible
  • Reduce strain on the IT department
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The Creation of an Exploratory Sandbox

The ideal environment to promote user enablement can be envisioned as an exploratory sandbox. In this environment, the user can freely analyze different data sources using various models. This freedom can save time and resources, and it also may reveal new insights that previously were concealed. In your creation of an exploratory sandbox:

  • Select a suitable tool or platform based on your operations and needs
  • Establish standards and guidelines with a focus on security and data integrity
  • Enable integration and sharing among specified users

The First Steps Toward User Enablement

Modernizing your current processes and methods can have a profound impact on your business, and this begins when you identify your current challenges and learn about available solutions. USEReady can help you to move toward a self-service environment by:

  • Helping you to identify inefficiencies that could be eliminated through a self-service environment
  • Creating the structure for improved processes
  • Facilitating a customized rollout of the new environment


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