Harnesses the power of advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Understanding (NLP) technology to quickly understand & respond to customer queries in natural language.

AI Chatbot

USEReady's AI Chatbot makes users a lot more productive in their BI use

  • Do you have access to insights when you need them the most? 
  • Are you spending valuable time and energy manually running reports or waiting for others to process report requests? 
  • Are your unique and specific questions addressed by those reports? 
  • Do you find the whole process non-intuitive and difficult, which is affecting the overall adoption? 
Automate conversations with AI Chatbot technology

Conversational Interfaces and Bot Backed Power 

A chatbot conversation is no longer a thing of the past. USEReady’s AIpowered chatbot provides every customer and user with intelligent answers that drive enterprise transformation.  

Our Chatbot solution acts as your personalized messaging channel where users, customers, and even website visitors can rely on an AI bot to deliver answers and solutions, at an accelerated pace, and with a human touch. 

Leverage Your Very Own Intelligent Virtual Assistant 

Our AI Chatbot solution harnesses the power of advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing to understand and respond to user queries in an easy to understand language.  

Address Customer and User Questions At The Speed of Business 

Think of your AIPowered Chatbot as your very own human agent. Users can take advantage of the live chat / messaging function made available through our chatbot platform as they address customer queries at the speed of business. 

Human Intervention meets AI Chatbot Technology 

Grow your knowledge base – our chatbot platform allows you to combine employee experience, human intervention, and natural language with an intelligent chatbot solution – making users a lot more productive in their BI use.  

Intelligent Support Team – Leverage Conversational AI Chatbot to Boost User Adoption  

AI Chatbots can be deployed on an existing BI solution. You can customize your virtual agents to completely suit your context. Firsttime users are encouraged to navigate a simple messaging platform to address all queries – accelerating user adoption across the enterprise. 

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How It Works

Step 1 

Integrate AI Chatbot into your existing BI solution 

Step 2 

You ask a specific question in simple and natural language  

Step 3 

The conversational bot responds using natural language, producing results that meet the user’s specific needs 

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