access Tableau experts at the touch of a dial.

USEReady’s live, on-demand expert helpdesk allows you to connect with experts are armed with extensive Tableau knowledge, an expertise in deployment and analytical best practices.

  • Technology experts with proven business acumen
  • Deep knowledge and expertise on analytical best practices
  • Customized solutions based on organization specific needs
  • SLA based 16X5 level 2 and level 3 quality support
  • Enterprise class processes and reporting techniques
  • Live, on-demand service with well-defined ways of communication

USEReady’s expert helpdesk is manned by professionals who are not just smart techies but know databases, IT environments, and software altogether. They’re business people with practical experience using data and visual analysis to solve real business problems in record time. USEReady expert helpdesk is flexible suiting your organization’s specific needs